See the interview of UMD students and faculty on our Study Abroad visit to Nicaragua

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Professor Rick Kohn and University of Maryland students Mariana da Silva, Katya Beltran, Virginia Borda, and Franz Stuppard for this 75-minute webinar.  We completed a fall-semester seminar course, followed by a 2-week study abroad course with the ATC (Association of Rural Workers).  We learned…

Nicaragua emits less than one eighth as much greenhouse gas per capita as the US.  

And yet Nicaraguans:

   Produce 90% of their own food.

   Have eliminated most hunger and illiteracy.

   Have addressed income disparities.

   Continue improving production efficiency.

   Have democratic control of food production.

   Have nearly achieved economic parity among women and men.

How did Nicaragua do it?  In this webinar, you will hear what we learned.

This event was part of a monthly webinar series on Nicaragua from April 2023 about the January 2023 trip to Nicaragua.